Turn-Key Solutions

Our customers often rely on us to provide turn-key parts to help their projects run more smoothly or to add a specific function to an already operating machine. We can provide them with a final part, component or assembly and reduce both production time and overhead.

Through investment casting and injection molding technology, we are able to provide cost savings and design freedom while ensuring accuracy and reproducibility. 

Our advanced 3D CAM programs allow for custom machining options and unparalleled capabilities for precision. These powerful tools will help turn your ideas into a reality. 

Simply bring us the design specifications of your existing part and we will develop a turn-key solution that suits your individual or company demands.

As a precision tool and die manufacturer, we can then produce these ready to assemble pieces quickly and efficiently. For projects that cannot be completed entirely in-house, our extensive network of reliable partners will work to accelerate completion without compromising quality.
Third box: “Manufacturing Solutions”

We offer specialty tooling to assist our customers in their assembly and manufacturing processes. Our proficient staff is trained in all aspects of CNC and can provide quality tool and die solutions utilizing both our software and machining experience.

Our new MAZAK NEXUS Vertical 510C CNC machine allows us to offer customers rapid turn-around time and the highest quality detailing produced by any other verticals. To read more about this machine, Click Here.
Our 3D CAD software helps us to lift designs off the page and into reality helping customers create a part that will function exactly as it is supposed to. This visualization process not only ensures functionality, but also reduces production time.

Investment casting allows us to create complex detail and accurate parts. Only the best raw materials are utilized to produce these exceedingly high quality products.

Plastic injection molding is an ideal way to produce high volumes of a product. These high production rates coupled with repeatable high tolerances provide a more finished product in less time for the customer.

Often we focus on smaller production runs, which ensure quality-specific machining that saves both time and money.
Whatever your needs, Class Tool and Die will work with you every step of the way, providing the best in customer service and quality. Take advantage of our expertise to get your project off the ground.