Rapid Prototyping

In an effort to help visualize our customer's current needs and specifications, we are moving forward into the world of prototyping. Whether a project calls for a rapid, wax-cast prototype or a working model, we have the machines for the job.
Prototyping provides customers with a true representation of a final product that they can then use to discover potential problems before a production run is ordered. This often crucial step in the part development process ensures the workability of the part and can prevent costly mistakes.

As technology has developed, business needs demand precision working tools and prototyping is a proven way to eliminate costly mistakes. By allowing customers to make corrections early on in the production process, we can ensure that the final products meet every specification.
Our state-of-the-art rapid prototyping technology allows us to create more accurate and intricate tools by giving customers a working model to help visualize their needs. 

With our new 3D Systems ProJet machine, we can place these high-precision wax prototypes into our customer’s hands faster than ever before. Cost-effective and office-friendly in size, these models can decrease development time and assist in product design.
Rapid prototyping has many other practical applications as well. In addition to direct investment casting applications, many customers are now using rapid prototyping to produce wax patterns for mechanical parts, medical instruments and even jewelry. 
Class Tool and Die also offers our customers working prototypes which are machined from the same materials that the final part will be made of. Simulating the final designs and materials of a part before a larger production run is ordered allows customers to check for potential flaws and make last-minute improvements.

Whatever your needs, we remain committed to providing all of our customers the latest in technological sophistication in a timely fashion. From fitted tools to figurines, let us put prototyping to work for you.